Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Corner Booth at Heart of Country

Well, I'm not blowing when I say we had one of our best Heart of Country shows.  It was steady flow almost all of the time.  So many smalls and half of the furniture sold.  It was very exciting.  Here are pictures of our booth!  It's a big booth in the corner--so I can't get it all in one picture!  Trust me when I say it is BIG!  and FULL!!  As we sold, we kept getting more out, but I didn't have time to get pictures everythime.  That's a good problem to have.

This was the opening of our corner booth.  Sold the chair and the white counter.

The patriotic display was killer.  Sold all of it.  Also sold the basket full of old softballs.

This picture was taken before all of the Christmas was out.  Sold tons of it!  Also sold the Salesman Sample Gate and the painted towel/quilt rack.

Sold the pair of shutters.  Very unusual shape!

Sold some of the Yard Art!  Really a great look!

Sold the ladder and the quilts that were on it.  Lots of the smalls on the bucket bench also sold.  Honestly, I don't remember if we sold the screen or not.  I'll have to check on that! 

Sold the smalls in this picture--the church pew came home with us.  It is really a great piece and will be wonderful in the shop.  I'll show a picture of the back of it in another post.  It has carvings from students on the back!

Sold 4 of the  blue shutters--going to be made into a headboard!  Also sold the quilt. 
So much of the stuff we took is gone, and what's exciting is that what we took back home with us has never been in the shop--so that will be fresh to our market.  We're tired, but it's a good tired!  I'll post more pictures--some up close of small items, and some pictures of other booths.  Gotta go for now--Getting ready for a big snow/sleet/ice storm here.  Thank goodness we are not loading and leaving this weekend! 
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