Monday, March 2, 2009

Nashville Was So Good To Us-We're Headed There Again!

We sure had a great time in Nashville at the Music Valley Antique Show. We met alot of new people. Carrell from Country Charisma--what a lovely gal! Always good to see Scarlet Scales. We were in Franklin on Monday but missed her. Also had dinner with Tricia and Jerry and their friend Ellen--(and now mine!) from the Red Door Antique Shop in Eddyville, Kentucky. That was great. I hope to stop in their shop on our way back to Nashville next week.

Well, as usual our booth was overflowing so we got to use the blank wall across the aisle. Are those old parlor chairs awesome or what! They sold!! YIPPEE!

These cubby holes were filled with small treasures...many of which I had the pleasure of selling.
This old store display piece really comes in handy. I'll show closeups in another post.

This was one end of the booth where Gary likes his small, folky pieces. A lot to look at! On the right side of the picture are framed vintage Easter postcards. A nice gift for anyone to pickup.

I love this big architectural piece hanging above the green painted jelly cupboard. And if you remember the "Do Not Spit Sign" from an earlier post---well it has a new home! It got alot of attention and laughs!

This is a picture of the old store counter that Gary refinished and got done right before we left. It sold too!

A closeup of some old school papers. Great items and sold lots! And everyone
loved the Mary Jane candies!

If this booth looks full, you are absolutely right. The customers know us for this and
they love it.

Another shot of Gary's end of the booth.

I'll post again soon. We're getting ready to head back to Nashville to set up at
The Fiddler's Inn Antique Show next Week. Look for us in Room 156.
Until next time,


  1. Hi Pam, thanks for the nice reference. Good luck at the show. I will try to get up to see it and will stop by. Hope you have great weather and turnout! blessings, carrell

  2. FINALLY! A new post! What the heck have you guys been doing....just setting on your thumbs I guess.... HE HE HE! Just teasing you....I know you have been going crazy like me! Thanks for the shout out in your post...I was holding back on my true feelings about our show....but I am THRILLED that you guys did soooooooo well! I am looking forward to seeing you soon! I do have some pictures to post of your booth from Nashville.....miss ya!

  3. Hey Pam...I have a post of you coming out tomorrow AM....FYI