Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Spring!

It's springtime. Yippee. It's great tohave weather warm enough to work outside in. We are gathering up some great stuff to take to the Midwest Antique Show in Cedar Rapids Iowa in a couple of weeks. Here is a picture of the most adorable little vanity. It is child's size, white, possibly a homemade piece made in the 1930's. The mirror was cracked so we had it replaced. I love the creamy color. What looks like a streak in the picture is just a reflection from the mirror. It priced at only $149.00 The German Duck Candy Container is something that I don't think I'm ready to part with yet. I kind of have a big collection of them!
I'll post more things as we get them ready. We'll take this to the shop for now. No need in it sitting here at home.
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Well, we're getting ready to go to the Midwest Antiques Show in Iowa in a couple of weeks, so I'll be posting some pictures of great pieces we are gathering up to take with us.

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