Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toppa Da Mornin To Ya!

"Patrick" my little bear is dying to show you the inside of the old Stix, Baer & Fuller hat box. He thinks the box is his, he loves green and St. Patrick's Day, but first let me tell you how I came upon this hat box. My nephew used to work summers with me so he knows the kind of stuff I like. An aunt of a friend of his was getting ready to move and was having a big yard sale. He had been to the house to help with some stuff, and in the basement there was all kinds of holiday items all sorted and arranged on shelves. DJ told the lady that his Aunt Pam would like this stuff and she said well, bring her over. Talk about JACKPOT! I got some of the most incredible Christmas, Halloween, Easter and all of this St. Patrick's Day. The St. Patricks Day was all in this green hat box!

An overview of the items, all in mint condition.

My bear Patrick with a "Hat" candy container.

You can see the mint condition of the container.

An Irish chenille couple--again in mint condition. Crepe paper skirt, wood pipe etc. They are about 8 inches tall. I've never seen these before for this holiday.

A close up of the couple.

Vintage plates, shamrocks and hats.

Another shot without a flash!

A dixie cup on a styrofoam shamrock--cute for nuts or candy.

Small felt hat party favors or nut cups.

Irish Flag toothpicks for appetizers or cupcakes.

Unused plates and coasters.

Tally Cards! Sweet...

Shamrocks with paper fringe and wire stems.

Did I tell you that it was a terrific find or what! If only we could find things like this on a regular basis. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I gotta get to the store--still don't have my corned beef! Late as usual! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Until next time!

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