Monday, August 23, 2010

Church Potluck Dish----Before & After

There's nothing like a church potluck! Last night we had a real feast. My friend Vickie always brings scalloped corn casserole (I think especially for me!) and this time she also brought this whipped cream cherry salad. It was really yummy, but what really excited me was the watermelon bowl. Anyone that knows me, knows I love dishes--especially cool serving dishes, bowls and platters. I loved this bowl, so I took a picture before the potluck. Afterwards when we were done with the dishes, I looked back, and there was that bowl again--see below for the surprise!

How fun are the seeds in the bottom! I had to take another picture. They thought I was crazy!
Doesn't take much to excite me--really!! As fall and the holiday season approaches, I'll be showing more fun dishes to use for entertaining. I love it!
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