Friday, August 20, 2010

Yellowware Pottery

If you love antiques, you love Yellowware Pottery! These couple of photos were taken in Nashville at the Spring Tailgate Show. Alot of times, I don't know or remember whose booth is whose. But I know this is Munday and Munday Antiques (Makala and Sandy Munday). I haven't talked to them recently, Gary saw them in Indiana at the Heartland Show that he did solo, so I haven't asked their permission to show these photos, but I'm sure they don't mind.
I wish I had more pictures to show, they have the most incredible inventory of pottery--the best I've ever seen. And....they know all about it. I have some pieces that I bought because I liked them, and the color matched what I was looking for.....but they know the history. If you ever are looking for pottery, look them up at a show. A great mother-daughter team that works very hard to please all. Unusual, fun and mint condition pieces!
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