Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, we finally starting making some of the changes at the shop. I have wanted to setup this great iron and brass bed full of blue accessories. It is right in the front of the shop. Looks totally different and I love it.

Big utility baskets instead of pillows, and a big chenille bedspread with peacocks on it.

The small chest in the corner is perfect size, very early piece. It's getting alot of attention!
I picked up these checkered dishes last year and thought they needed to be in the "Summertime Blue" display. Even the flatware is blue checked gingham looking!

We had this piece sandblasted and painted white. The seat was gone so it has been replaced too.

This small love seat has a real Hollywood look toit! Curvy and unique.

The size of this Bakers Cabinet is much smaller than normal. Lots of storage in this piece.

The toys on this display piece get lost in the background. This is not even a start of the toys that I will be bringing in. I think the 2 booth spaces behind it will have to be for toys. I have enough to fill it up and will be great for the holidays.

This is a shot down one side of the shop. Gary worked really hard to get the walls all repainted. Now we have the other side to do. It is much brighter now.
If you haven't been in lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Lots of changes, dealers moving around, expanding and add lots of great merchandise.
We are leaving for Iowa for a couple of days. Can't wait to see Sharon and hopefully meet her daughter. Have a big candle and soap order to pickup! Why have it shipped when it gives us a reason to go to Iowa! I hear Sisters Garden calling my name now! I don't remember the last time we went on a road trip without a big Enterprise rental truck full for a show. This is just a couple days of R & R.
Until next time,


  1. I love that striped loveseat! LOVE IT!

  2. Very inviting! Good job. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn

  3. Hello Mike Wolfe here from Antique Archaeology let me know when your back in town I would love to show you around my shop so sorry I missed you guys always nice to trade stories and merchandise with other dealers