Friday, August 6, 2010

From Illinois-to Iowa-to Illinois-to Iowa-to Illinois!

Well, we have made the rounds! Left home in Illinois, went to Iowa, over to Illinois, back to Iowa, then home to Illinois! With Gary as the driver and Sharon of Sweet Repose the navigator in the back seat--we covered some ground. I have a ton of pictures to share, but I'll break them up. It all started because of candles! I have been carrying the wonderful soap in my shop that Sharon makes, and now I have the candles that her daughter Piper makes! Instead of shipping the big order, I went to pickup! So....., we start at The Candle Shed. It is wonderful. The displays are great. Lots of customers coming and going. I loved it. I have pictures to share and instead of alot of worthless blather, I will let the pictures tell the story.

I insisted on a picture of Piper (left) and Sharon (right). Such talent. Below are pictures of the shop.

Talk about a smelly ride home- Next time, I'll take some plastic to put the candle boxes in. Travel in the Yukon with dozens of candles and bars of soap was breathtaking! But then, the whole trip was. More pictures to come of our visit to Sister's Garden, Le Claire--Gary thought he was an American Picker! and more. Sharon--next time we are having dinner at The Wood Fire Grill/Button Factory. Not just McDonald's in the car! The food was amazing.
Until next time,


  1. Thanks so much guys, the pleasure was all mine!!! And I'll take ya up on the dinner too...what a blast and talk about good ol' down-home Midwesterners, you guys are da bomb!!!

    I too had a blast...but I can't smell anymore, being constantly bombarded by all the wonderful scent around my house, the trip home would've been normal to me...heehee!!!

    Hope the candles sell well down in yer neck o the woods...later friends!(the true American pickers)


  2. Sorry I didn't see ya... Glad you had Fun!
    Barb C.