Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cane Bottoms and Baskets--A Treasure of the Past

You can't beat these children's chairs with blue paint and woven seats. I would love to have been able to buy them. Not just one but both. They are different but go well together. I believe they were high chairs. I spotted them at the Music Valley Antique Show in Nashville.
Look at the weaving on this basket. At first, you think it has breaks, but as you look more closely, I think it was made that way.
The different size of the weaving, very crudely done. A real treasure to be found.

An overall shot of the basket.
Baskets in good shape are getting harder to find. I love them. I collect them and find it hard to part with them. The market for antique baskets has really slowed up, I think because there are so many new baskets out there---but the new ones just don't have that look or patina! But, on that note, I have to admit that I have new ones too! Just like anything else, when they are tastefully mixed together they look just fine.
Better go for now,
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  1. Vintage baskets are very hard to find here. (I do have a matching set of three in my bath.) I agree that the new ones just aren't the same.

  2. Baskets are a weakness of mine....I always buy great baskets and tend to always lean towards mid-western made baskets....I love them. A few years back I went to a show and didn't sell one basket. I had my heart broken and didn't buy any baskets for about 6 months. The next show I went to the customers almost wiped me out. So now, lesson learned when I see a basket I love I BUY IT!

    BTW....I LOVE your photos of your music valley booth! WOW!