Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Just Take an Exit--Go Into Downtown!

I don't know how many times we have exited off of the interstate and pick a place to stop without going into the downtown area. We have made the trip to Nashville a million times and we exit off of I24 at Clarksville. There is absolutely any restaurant you want to pick from, but....a couple of years ago we couldn't make up our mind and the road led us into the downtown of Clarksville. It is beautiful. I love old buildings, the brick, the windows--all of it. We ran across the Blackhorse Pub & Brewery---which has now become one of our favorite stops! They offer every kind of food from tuna salad to wonderful steaks to pizza--you name it! And they really draw the people! It is huge and can accomodate alot of people. What a treasure! And when we are done, there are great shops, and we are less than one hour from Nashville!

It doesn't look real big, but when you go in this main door, it spreads to other buildings.
You've got to try it!
Sorry about the reflection of our rental truck!
Nice deep red brick--great windows.
Fancy Parks & recreation Building!
Look at the archway!
A shot looking down the street.
We like to try different places, trouble is--the timing has to be right and this time we were backed up ----2 1/2 hours in road construction so we didn't get to stop. Running late as usual for me! Better go for now,
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