Monday, November 30, 2009

How About Some Color On Your Table

Color is always nice! I love white and cream, but I must say that color is my thing. It's just more practical for the things we collect. I'm showing just a few shelves of color in our shop.
Of course starting with blue, I especially love the antique flo-blue plates and platters. I kinda collect them!
White enamel ware--great for a country farmhouse look.
A touch of aqua!

Amber Depression Glass( Sharon/Cabbage Rose Pattern)

Some nice deep Forest Green.

I have a thing for soup tureens. This has holly decorated on it.
I've got a lot more to show that that's all for now. Tomorrow I'll be redoing the display window. I think is will be all white and silver because I have a very nice big silver aluminum tree and a white tree, both from the 60's. I let you know how it looks.
Until next time,


  1. Your shelves look great! Good work! I hope your customers appreciate the planning and work that goes into a nicely presented shelf!

  2. I miss your Christmas Open House. I need to get to your shop for a gift or two.