Friday, November 13, 2009

My Fear of Storms-I Might Have Figured It Out!

Ok, so I worked hard today and decided to sit down this evening and find a Holiday Movie on cable. Low and Behold--The Wizard of Oz. Just in time for the tornado and the chaos that went with it. Dorothy is blurry in the picture, but you can see the funnel. This is one movie that we got to eat supper in the living room and watch when we were kids. The storm scared me and the witch terrified me!

I hate that woman!

She wants Toto! I hate her more.

She's mean!

I can hear that music when she's pedaling her bike!
Right before the storm.

Windy chaos!

The clouds remind me of everytime we head to Texas. Always stormy in Oklahoma!

More chaos!

Dorothy's trying to get home.

Dorothy can't find anyone. They're in the storm cellar.
Now Dorothy is dreaming! I hate the witch.

We've all known a witch or two!

After seeing that again for the 100th time, it made me think maybe that caused my fear of storms. Something to ponder. Meanwhile, my nightlight burned out, so I must replace it!

Until next time,



  1. I used to be afraid of storms too. I wonder if it was Dorothy? My mother in law is a Dorothy... hmmmm! (Actually, my mom in law is very sweet!)