Monday, November 9, 2009

Textiles--Ahhh, the Feel of Cotton

Is it the color? or the feel? or the look? Anyway you look at it, who can resist touching! This quilt, all nicely folded is a beautiful calico with deep red being it's main color. No fading. Just beautiful. Just another thing that stopped me dead in my tracks at Nashville.

I love this rack of clothes and cloth all nicely pressed, ready to take home. All cotton.

I have a weakness for cloth dolls, something about the innocent face, but it's the cotton dress that makes me weak at the knees!

Another shot of great children's cotton clothing.

This mantel is a shot of early cloth dolls in the booth of Kay Puchstein at the Music Valley Show in Nashville. I would love to have all of them.

And who can resist turkey red embroidery work. These were actually in my booth!
Better go for now, just wanted to share these pictures. I'm getting in gear for the holidays at my shop and working on a new display for all of my textiles.!
Until next time,


  1. Although I love my silver, glass and china, the lure of vintage fabric is so strong. The feeling I got looking at your rack of cottons is one of home and that fresh iron smell! Thanks!

  2. Looking good Pam!
    Any room for a homeless antique freak?
    I Miss you!