Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Out the Good Dishes--It's the Holidays!

Why do we think good dishes are only for the holidays? We all do it. The same with baking. It's just a mood I guess! These few photos were taken at Leftovers in Brenham Texas. Shelf after shelf of beauty!
Every color and every style you can imagine. I love them all, especially fun serving pieces.

After picking out the dishes, and getting them all shined up--it's time for a nap before the excitement all begins! The display below looks quite comfy! It's at Leftovers too!

I took a ton of photos at the shop--they were all ready for Christmas back in September when we were there. I'll be showing the photos in several blogs during this holiday season!
Until next time,


  1. I go in spirts...I buy sets of dishes...and then I get a few sets in the shop and they set around...so I quit buying them, cuz they aren't selling. Then all of a sudden a set of dishes sells and it's like a domino effect...So the jury is in...keep buying them!

  2. I'm going to start buying plates again with flowers on them...I just have a hunch, I think they'll be sweet in the shop when I open in the spring, keep yer fingers crossed!

    Hope the candles and the soaps are selling well. I'm delivering 9 batches to LeClaire tomorrow, my work is never done, can't wait to see pics of the shop!!!