Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hidey Ho Good Neighbor!

No, it's not Tim the Toolman Taylor, it's The Red Door Antiques--my next door neighbor at Marburger Farm in Round Top Texas! Tricia always has the best displays! I don't know how she does it, but she was setup at Marburger Farm, The Red Barn, and Rifle Hall. That's a tremendous amount of work. But she did it! The first picture is just some of the ironstone she offered. The pictures below are different shots from her booth. I couldn't get the whole booth because there were too many customers in the way! Hah, in the way---that's what we are there for. Thank goodness for the customers!

I told you it was great. I couldn't help myself...I bought several things myself including linens, a great chair ( I'm keeping it!) and a grill from a 1946 Hudson--great wall art! If you are ever in Eddyville Kentucky, stop in to see her. She is right off of Interstate 24, just past Paducah KY.
A big shop full of this wonderful stuff!
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  1. are way toooo kind! But THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POST! I will have to say that Rifle Hall will be off the list next season in Round Top, but another spot may take it's place. I don't do it all you can all stop believing Pam's story about me being SUPER WOMAN! It is fun fun fun being Pam & Gary's neighbor, and if I was working that show, they would have to announce every ten minutes over the intercom...Tricia would you please return to your booth, cuz I would be over in Pam's booth flapp'n my jaws! That is what I do best!

    See ya in Nashville in February, if I don't come and Eat CHICKEN with ya sooner!