Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here Comes Clarence!

When we were young kids, Grandma and Grandpa lived out in the country in Southern Illinois. They had a farm with neighboring farms up and down the old gravel road. It is all now a part of Rend Lake. We never lived in the country and we never had pets, so horses and buggies and wagons were a big deal to us. We'd be playing outside and all of a sudden, here comes Clarence Jones with his horse and wagon to give us a ride. We were so excited! When going to auction a couple of months ago, I saw a wagon--actually the second picture below--that reminded me of those fun days, I snapped a picture and then just saved it. Then, on our way home from Texas we made two stops at shops and both of them had wagons---like a collection of them. One in Texas and one in Missouri. I put them all together in this blog. Hope you enjoy them!

The wagon below is like the one I remember Clarence having. Nothing fancy, but sure fun.

This one is sad, even had an old coffin inside, but so rare, I had to take a picture

I guess now a days, kids wouldn't get so excited about a ride in the old wagon. But we sure did, something I'll never forget!
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  1. Always wanted an old buckboard for my yard, was so thrilled when my hubby brought me home a hay rake, which I immediately placed in a proper spot in my front yard...ahhhh...

    I see the soaps at the Red Door booth, hope she sold a bunch...I'll never forget the time when Piper and her partner and I were making Mint Chocolate Chip candles and we all tasted it...YUCK, but it sure did look and smell good, like thin mint Girl scout cookies...drool!