Monday, January 14, 2013

A Clean Slate to Work With...

Well, with the red sofa and chair gone, I am ready to redo this section of the shop.  I thought today would be quiet, but we had a steady flow of customers.  You never know around here with the weather forecast!  So we unloaded this shelving unit in the back and moved it to the front.  Now, hopefully tomorrow, I can start redoing this section.  I keep changing my mind...this part of the shop would be equal to about 4 spaces of dealers.  I keep it for myself because it is in the front side and I like to know what the shop will look like when people enter.  I'll post an "after" picture when we are done.

I'll be at the shop on Monday and Tuesday, so we'll see what I can do.  We are about the only shop open on these two days, so it's either quiet because no one else is open, or we're busy because we are the only one open! 
Until next time,

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