Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Is the Dawning.....

So a guy brought in an old small record box that was full of 48's--all children's records.  Except for this one!  It really took me back.  When I was a teenager, we would travel south to Marion Illinois to visit my Aunty Gladys.  Uncle Clay was principal of the Marion High School for years.  Rather than head to my Grandma's after visiting, my folks would let me and my sister stay overnight with Aunty Gladys.  We would go to Teen Town with her next door neighbor girls--the O'Hara's.  What a fun time--something we will never forget.  She had the big Fifth Dimension album and would play Aquarius all the time.  We thought she was the best ever.  Aunty Gladys passed away a couple of months ago.  I thought it was really ironic that of all of the millions of records out there--this one came into my shop.  I think I might need to keep it.  Keeping memories alive is what collecting is all about isn't it?
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